Baskara T. Wardaya ~ Beyond Borders

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Judul: Beyond Borders: Notes on the Colonial and Post-Colonial Dynamics in The Americas, Europe, and Indonesia
Penulis: Baskara T. Wardaya SJ
Bahasa: Inggris
Penerbit: Galang Press
Terbit: November, 2017
Tebal: xviii + 230 hlm
ISBN: 978-602-8174-23-7

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What did the Romans, Genghis Khan, Christopher Columbus and CIA have in common? They were all “border crossers”. They were not content with their respective traditional borders and they went pass these borders. It appears that since the ancient times, for better or worse, there has been strong tendencies among different peoples and nationss to go beyond their own borders, in the broadest sense of the word, in search of something different–different territories, different peoples, different opportunities, different spheres of influence, etc. Not surprisingly, these historical border-crossing-agents were not alone. There were many others. To them we can add a list of other people who were also went beyond their borders in search of something new, something different: the American Indians, the Vikings, the Germans, the Arabs, the Chinese, and many more.

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