Jurnal Indonesia – Cornell University (Vol 1 April 1966 – Vol 15 April 1973)

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Bahasa: Inggris
Penerbit: Cornell Southeast Asia Program
Tahun Terbit: 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973
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Jurnal Indonesia adalah salah satu jurnal prestisius terbitan Cornell University, Amerika. Menghimpun studi2 tentang Indonesia dalam pelbagai aspek: politik, militer, antropologi, arkeologi, sosiologi, hingga sastra. Dieditori antara lain George McTurnan Kahin dan Ben O.G. Anderson. Terbit pertama kali pada 1966.

Daftar Isi Jurnal Indonesia Volume 01 – Volume 15

1966 04 Indonesia (Vol 1)

James Siegel: Prayer and Play in Atjeh: a Comment on Two Photographs
Ernst Heins: Supplemental Note on a Recent Javanese Gamelan Record 22
Lance Castles: Notes on the Islamic School at Gontor 30
Semaun: An Early Account of the Independence Movement (translated and commuted on by Ruth McVey) 46
Judith Hudson: Letters From Kalimantan 76
Ben Anderson: The Languages of Indonesian Politics 89
Ajip Rosidi: Among the Family (translated by Mrs. S.U, Mababan) 117
John M. Echols: Notes on Materials for the Study of Atjeh 124
Editors: Selected Documents Relating to the September 30th Movement and Its Epilogue 131
I. Statements of the September 30th Movement 134
II. Statements of the, Indonesian Air Force 143
III. Statements of President Sukarno and the Tiakrabirawa Regiment 150
VI. Statements of the Indonesian Armv Leadership 158
V. Statements of the Indonesian Communist Party (P.K.I.) 184
VI. Statements of the Indonesian Nationalist Party (P.N.I.) 198
VII. Statements of the M.U., P.S.T.I., I.P.K.I. and Catholic Party 203

1966 10 Indonesia (Vol 2)

Taufik Abdullah: Adat and Islam: An Examination of Conflict in Minangkabau 1
Judith M. Hudson: Letters from Kalimantan: II 25
Frederick P. Bunnell: Guided Democracy Foreign Policy: 1960-1965 37
Sanyo Kaigi: The Problem of Rice: Stenographic Notes on the Fourth (Translated by Ben Anderson with an introduction and notes) 77
Idrus: Two Stories of the Japanese Occupation: Fujinkcai and Och…Och…Och (translated by Mrs. S. U, Nababin) 125
Frank L. Cooley: Altar and Throne in Central Moluccan Societies 135
John M. Echols: In Memoriam G. F. Ockeloen, 1904-1966 157
Toenggoel P. Siagian: Bibliography of the Batak Peoples 161
Editors: Contemporary Documents Continuity and Change: Four Indonesian Cabinets since October 1, 1965, with scattered data on their members organizational and ethnic affiliations, age and place of birth 185

1967 04 Indonesia (Vol 3)

&ldarmo and M C. Ricklefs: The Establishment of Surakarta, a Translation from the Babad Gianti 88
Peter R. Goethals: Karang Rarak: A 19 55 Vignette 110
Ruth T. McVey: Taman Siswa and the Indonesian National Awakening 128
Ki Hadjar Dewantara: Some Aspects of National Education and the Taman Siswa Institute at Jogjakarta 150
Roger K. Paget: Indonesian Newspapers 1965-1967 170
Roger K. Paget: Djakarta Newspapers 1965-1967: Preliminary Comments 211
J. E. Rocamora: Recent Changes in Army Commands 227

1968 04 Indonesia (Vol 5)

Idrus: Surabaja 1
Geoffrey McNicoll: Internal Migration in Indonesia: Descriptive Notes 29
Hildred Geertz: Latah in Java: A Theoretical Paradox 93
Raden Gatot Mangkupradja: The Peta and My Relations with the Japanese 105
Hong Lan Oei: Indonesia’s Economic Stabilization and Rehabilitation Program: An Evaluation 135

1968 10 Indonesia (Vol 6)

Th. A. Resink: Belahan or a Myth Dispelled 2
Paul W. van der Veur: Cultural Aspects of t;/p>
William R. Liddle: Suku Simalungun: An Ethnic Group in Search of Representation 1
N. Tirtaamidjaja, SH: A Bedaja Ketawang Dance Performance At the Court of Surakarta 31
Benedict Anderson: Diachronic Field-Notes on the Coronation Anniversary at the Kraton Surakarta held on December 18 5 1963 62
J, Panglaykim and K. D. Thomas: The New Order and the Economy 73
Judith M. Hudson: Letters from Kalimantan: III 121
E. L. Heins: Music of the Serimpi “Anglir Mendung” 135
Lance Castles: The Ethnic Profile of Djakarta 153
Editors: Data on the Current Military Elite 205
Harry J. Benda: Louis Charles Damais 217

1967 10 Indonesia (Vol 4)

R. Soekmono: A Geographical Reconstruction of Northeastern Central Java and the Location of Medang 2
Alfred B. Hudson: The Padju Epat Ma’anjan Dajak in Historical Perspective 8
James L. Peacock: Anti-Dutch, Anti-Muslim Drama Among Surabaja Proletarians: A Description of Performances and Responses 44
R Murray Thomas: Attitudes Toward Birth Control in Bandung, Indonesia 74
Soepomo Poedjosoethe Eurasian Community in Indonesian Colonial Society 38
Soepomo Poedjosoedarmo: Javanese Speech Levels 54
Ajip Rosidi: A Japanese 82
Herbert Feith: Suharto’s Search for a Political Format 88
Heather Sutherland: Pudjangga Baru: Aspects of Indonesian Intellectual Life in the 1930s 106
John R. W. Smail: The Military Politics of North Sumatra: December 1956-October 1957 128
Claire Holt: In Memoriam: Robert Heine-Geldern 188
Editors: Development Cabinet 193
Editors: Index to Issues Number 1 to 6 194

1969 04 Indonesia (Vol 7)

Sri Kusumobroto: Preliminary Note on Tjandi Sambisari: A Recently Discovered Temple in Central Java 1
David Levine: History and Social Structure in the Study of Contemporary Indonesia 5
B. R. Pearn: Erskine Murray’s Fatal Adventure in Borneo, 1843-44 21
Hong Lan Oei: Implications of Indonesia’s New Foreign Investment Policy for Economic Development 33
Harry Aveling: The Thorny Rose: The Avoidance of Passion in Modern Indonesian Literature 67
Elizabeth Graves and Charnvit Kaset-siri: A Nineteenth-Century Siamese Account of Bali: With Introduction and Notes 77
Istutiah Gunawan Mitchell: The Socio-Cultural Environment and Mental Disturbance: Three Minangkabau Case Histories 123
Frank L. Cooley: Village Government in the Central Moluccas 139
Soepomo Poedjosoedarmo: Wordlist of Javanese Non-Ngoko Vocabularies 165
Daniel S. Lev: In Memorium: R. M. Sartono 191
Editors: Current Data on the Indonesian Army Elite 195

1969 10 Indonesia (Vol 8)

Rex Mortimer: Class, Social Cleavage and Indonesian Communism 1
Nancy Tanner: Disputing and Dispute Settlement Among the Minangkabau of Indonesia 21
Paul W. van der Veur: Race and Color in Colonial Society: Biographical Sketches by a Eurasian Woman Concerning Pre-World War II Indonesia 69
Soebardi: Raden Ngabehi Jasadipura I, Court Poet of Surakarta: His Life and Works 81
Alexis Rieffel: The BIMAS Program for Self-Sufficiency in Rice Production 103
Sol Tas: Souvenirs of Sjahrir (Translated by Ruth McVey) 135
David Radcliffe: The Peopling of Ulu Langat 155
Robert Rice: Sumitro’s Role in Foreign Trade Policy 183
Claire Holt: In Memoriam: Trisno Sumardjo (December 6, 1916 – April 21, 1969) 213
John M. Echols: In Memoriam: W. J. S. Purwadarminta (1904-1968) 217

1970 04 Indonesia (Vol 9)

Taufik Abdullah: Some Notes on the Kaba Tjindua Mato: An Example of Minangkabau Traditional Literature 1
Donald Hindley: Alirans and the Fall of the Old Order 23
Alan M. Stevens: Pseudo-Transitive Verbs in Indonesian 67
William R. Roff: Indonesian and Malay Students in Cairo in the 1920’s 73
Usamah: War and Humanity: Notes on Personal Experience (Translated by Helen Jarvis) 89
E. L. Heins: Cueing the Gamelan in Javanese Wayang Performance 101
Mark Dion: Sumatra Through Portuguese Eyes: Excerpts from Joao de Barros’ Decadas da Asia 129
Claire Holt: Indonesia Revisited 163
Michael Leigh: Party Formation in Sarawak 189
Benedict Anderson: In Memoriam: Soe Hok-Gie 225

1970 10 Indonesia (Vol 10)

Mitsuo Nakamura: General Imam?ra and the Early Period of Japanese Occupation 1
A. Kohar Rony: Indonesian Nam?s: A Guide to Bibliographic Listing 27
Rupert Lockwood: The Indonesian Exiles in Australia, 1942-1947 37
Howard M. Federspiel: The Muhammadijah: A Study of an Orthodox Islamic Movement in Indonesia 57
M. J. Adams: Myths and Self-Image Among the Kapunduk People of Sumba 81
Akio Yasunaka: Basic Data on Indonesian Political Leaders (Translated by Kenichi Goto) 107
J. Eliseo Rocamora: The Partai Nasional Indonesia, 1963-1965 143
Bruce Glassburner: Widjojo Nitisastro on Population Trends in Indonesia 183
Benedict Anderson: In Memoriam: Claire Holt 191
Editors: Current Data on the Indonesian Military Elite after the Reorganization of 1969-1970 195
Editors: Some Recent Publications on Indonesia 209

1971 04 Indonesia (Vol 11)

Theodore M. Smith: Dances of Sumatra and Nias: Notes by Claire Holt 1 Corruption, Tradition and Change 21
Craig A. Lockard: The Javanese as Emigrant: Observations on the Development of Javanese Settlements Overseas 41
Gary Hansen: Episodes in Rural Modernization: Problems in the Bimas Program 63
Leo Suryadinata: Pre-War Indonesian Nationalism and the Peranakan Chinese 83
Mason C. Hoadley: Continuity and Change in Javanese Legal Tradition: The Evidence of the Jayapattra 95
David H. Penny: The Agro-Economic Survey of Indonesia: An Appreciation 111
Ruth McVey: The Post-Revolutionary Transformation of the Indonesian Army 131
Harold Crouch: The Army, the Parties and Elections 177
Alfian: “Indonesian Political Thinking”: A Review 193

1971 10 Indonesia (Vol 12)

Anthony Reid: Pamurtian in Balinese Art 1 (C. Hooykaas) The Birth of the Republic in Sumatra 21
Kuntowidjojo: Economic and Religious Attitudes of Entrepreneurs in a Village Industry: Notes on the Community of Batur (Translated by Mitsuo Nakamura) 47
Shelly Errington: Space, Time, and the Concept of Person in Karavar 57
P. J. Zoetmulder, S.J.: Batak Dances: Notes by Claire Holt 65
P. J. Zoetmulder, S.J.: The Wajang as a Philosophical Theme 85
Franklin B. Weinstein: The Indonesian Elite’s View of the World and the Foreign Policy of Development 97
Judith M. Hudson: Some Observations on Dance in Kalimantan 133
J. Noorduyn: Traces of an Old-Sundanese Ramayana Tradition 151
Andi Zainal Abidin: Notes on the Lontara’ as Historical Sources (Translated by the Editors) 159
Editors: Index to Issues Number 1 to 12 173

1972 04 Indonesia (Vol 13)

Anthony Reid: On the Importance of Autobiography 1
Christine Dobbin: Tuanku Iman Bondjol (1772-1864) 5
Anthony Reid: Habib Abdur-Rahman az-Zahir (1833-1896) 37
J. Noorduyn: Arung Singkang (1700-1765): How the Victory of Wadjo’ Began 61
Ann Kumar: Dipanagara (17877-1855) 69
Virginia Matheson: Mahmud, Sultan of Riau and Lingga (1823-1864) 119
Ruth McVey: The Post-Revolutionary Transformation of the Indonesian Army: Part II 147
Angus Mclntyre: Divisions and Power in the Indonesian National Party, 1965-1966 183
George McT. Kahin: In Memoriam: Harry J. Benda 211

1972 10 Indonesia (Vol 14)

Rudolf Mrazek: Tan Malaka: A Political Personality’s Structure of Experience 7
Leo Suryadinata: Indonesian Chinese Education: Past and Present 49
Robert Van Niel: Dances of Minangkabau: Notes by Claire Holt 73
Robert Van Niel: Measurement of Change under the Cultivation System in Java, 1837-1851 89
Onghokham: The Wayang Topeng World of Malang 111
Lawrence White: Problems and Prospects of the Indonesian Foreign Exchange System 125
Suranto Atmosaputro and Martin Hatch: Serat Weq?atama: A Translation 157
Daniel F. Doeppers: An Incident in the PRRI/Permesta Rebellion of 1958 183

1973 04 Indonesia (Vol 15)

Harold Crouch: Another Look at the Indonesian “Coup” 1
Pramoedya Ananta Toer: “lt’s Not an All Night Fair” (Translated and with an Introduction by William Watson) 21
Susan Abeyasekere: The Soetardjo Petition 81
Peter Christian Hauswedell: Sukarno: Radical or Conservative? Indonesian Politics 1964-5 109
H. Mohammed Said: What was the “Social Revolution of 1946” in East Sumatra? (Translated by Benedict Anderson and Toenggoel Siagian) 145
Editors: Current Data on the Indonesian Military Elite 187

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